What’s Going On?

Hey guys 🙂

So, it’s a new month already. This year is going by faster that 2013 did. 

This month I didn’t want to concentrate on myself, I really want to focus on helping other people. I recently found out that 904 million people in the world are obese and 70 million people suffer from some form of eating disorder. That is insane. People take health and fitness so lightly and this influences the younger generation into thinking that eating all forms of crap is okay. What’s happening? Do we not know how to take care of ourselves anymore? I really, so badly just want to help everyone who is part of this statistic. That’s all I want to do at the end of the day. But I really can’t do it alone. If you know someone who isn’t healthy, help them out. Convince them to join you on your next workout. Teach them some healthy recipes. Talk to them about their problems, because these issues are also caused by some form of emotional trauma. 

If there is something that I have to do before I die, it is to make a change. 
Slowly, but surely. 

Help yourself and the people around you,





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