Hey guys ūüôā

As an addition to my 8-week challenge, i’ve added circuit training to my plan. Thrice a week i’ll be doing circuits consisting of abdominal exercises and bodyweight cardio moves. Circuit training is a great way to combine strength training and cardio if you only have a short amount of time. Now that my finals are coming closer, i’ve made my workouts shorter (that’s much better than not working out at all. There are no excuses allowed here)¬†

Here’s an example of a short circuit workout:

Do each exercises for 45 seconds, no rest in between. 

weighted jump squats 

toe touches


bicycle crunches

jumping jacks

leg lifts 

weighted jump squats 



weighted sit ups 



This takes just 15 minutes. I am pretty sure everyone has 15 minutes to spare in their busy schedules. 

I am pairing this circuit with 20 minutes of Pilates (I get my Pilates workouts from Blogilates from YouTube) 


Make sure you sweat today






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