Don’t forget to live your life.

Once people find out I like to workout, they assume I go on diets 24/7, never eat anything that isn’t healthy and they assume i’m working out all the time. 

That used to be me. I used to be your stereotypical ‘fitness person’.  My life was consumed by fitness. I was obsessed. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, there was always thoughts glued to the back of my mind: When will I workout today? What if lunch at home isn’t healthy? Have I drank enough water today? 

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not taking fitness for granted. It saved me mentally and physically. It fixed me in ways I couldn’t imagine, but now I don’t let it consume me. Now I live a balanced lifestyle between fitness, school, and enjoying the things I love. Like cupcakes and pizza. 

  Don’t forget to live your life. Don’t restrict yourself from things that make you happy. Find a balance. 

When I become a trainer, I want to teach people to find a balance. To not let fitness consume them, but rather save them and put them on a better path.


  On a lighter note, my 8-week challenge is going well. I’m eating clean, working out at least 5 times a week but also letting myself enjoy treats here and there. I also did my monthly weigh-in, and I gained 2 kg of muscle! Eating more (good food) and lifting more does wonders. Women, don’t be afraid of gaining weight. It’s okay as long as it’s healthy. 


Enjoy the rest of the week. While you’re enjoying, I am right in the middle of my exams. It’s so much of fun, I swear. 


Be balanced,





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