Summer Fitness Plans

  I am not the type of person who’ll say “It’s time to get a summer body” when the weather gets warmer, but once the sun hides behind clouds again goes back to ‘normal’. I don’t believe in temporarily working out and eating healthy just to look good for a while. It really makes no sense to me. But one thing I do believe in is when Summer break starts, I will utilise the time to get fitter. Last Summer I focussed on getting over my junk-food addiction. I avoided junk-food for 30 days (apparently it takes 21 days to kick a habit) and ended up losing the addiction and 4 kg! This summer I want to fix my metabolic rate. 

   People who go on diets are fed with information like: the lesser you eat, the more you lose and the more cardio you do, the leaner you’ll get. I’ve actually tested out both those things and i’m here to tell you that the lesser you eat the more damage you’re doing and high amounts of cardio will help you lose weight but it won’t get you a lean physique. When you eat only 1200 calories a day your metabolic rate is slowed down because it’s only burning a very little amount. Once you start eating more, your metabolic rate will speed up to it’s limit and you will be burning calories and fat efficiently. This summer I am going on a ‘reverse diet’ (Basically, my kind of diet). On a reverse diet you will slowly increase your caloric intake to a good amount (It’s different for everyone) so that your metabolic rate reaches it’s maximum potential of burning fat efficiently.

I am now only eating 1300 calories. By the end of Summer i’ll be eating about 1800 calories. The reason i’m not immediately increasing my intake to 1800 calories is if you don’t slowly add back the calories in your diet you will end up gaining fat. In this diet the main focus isn’t just increasing calories, it’s also the amount of carbs you eat. It has been instilled in our heads that carbs are the enemy but remember the food pyramid? We need to get back to eating more carbs. Every week I’m adding 50 calories and 5 grams of carbs back into my diet. 

  The reverse diet starts tomorrow and will be paired with heavy lifting 6 times a week and cardio (depending on my mood) 2-3 times a week. I’ll get back to you after 10 weeks to tell you the results 🙂 

Don’t be afraid to eat more. 

Fuel your inner beast and absolutely conquer your goals.





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