It’s Been A Year

This day (June 28th) last year I started ‘Fit Like Pri’. My first post was about a ‘Junk Free’ challenge and I remember the rush I felt as I typed out the contents of my very first blog post. I was anxious and also doubted if anyone would follow me or even like my post.

Fit Like Pri is now 1 year old! I can’t believe it’s been so long! I have grown in so many ways since then. Back then I believed in being very strict with my eating and only eating 1200 calories. I put cardio on a pedestal and took weight training for granted. You guys know what I believe in now so I don’t think you need a reminder (Okay, i’ll remind you anyways: eat more, lift more and don’t be afraid of treating yourself).

Time passes by so fast and we tend to forget the progress we’ve made. How many times do you feel like you’re getting no where? You’re not getting better and nothing is working out? Just remind yourself to look back at how far you’ve come and use that as the drive you need to keep going forward. I want to thank all of my followers for just being there. Listening to all my shenanigans and theories on fitness. I appreciate it 🙂

It’s been 20 days since my last post, so expect some posts centred on lifting and just my thoughts on some diet trends.





(This is a quote i’m currently living by)


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