Travel Friendly Workouts

It’s Summer. It’s the time people travel and enjoy themselves during their vacations but also tend to use ‘travelling’ as an excuse to not workout. Yes, I know, you won’t have your workout equipment with you while you travel, but you can still get a workout in! These workouts I built won’t take you longer than 30 minutes to complete them. You might not be able to walk the next day, but hey, at least it’s a quick workout 😛 These exercises are bodyweight so you don’t have to hunt for workout equipment while you travel.

I made 2 leg workouts and 2 Abdominal and arm workouts.

Leg workout #1

  • lunges (50,40,30,20,10,20,30,40,50)
  • frog jumps (10)
  • Image
  • glute lifts (55)
  • frog jumps (10)
  • jump rope (5 minutes)
  • frog jumps (10)

The lunges are going to be the hardest because you’ll be doing 290 reps in total. But you can do it. You’re a beast. 

Abs and Arms workout #1

  • Beginner push-ups (15)
  • tricep dips (15)
  • walk-out push ups (10)
  • Image
  • Burpees – 12
  • V – sits – 20
  • downward dog split (10)
  • Image
  • repeat circuit 3 more times (total 4 circuits)

Leg workout #2

jump rope 1 minute

Squat pulses (50)

wall sit – 2 minutes

jump rope 1 minute 

plie squats – 20 


jump rope 1 minute

Repeat circuit 2 more times (total 3 circuits)


Arms and abs workout #2

  • beginner clapping push ups 10
  • plank shoulder touches 15
  • alternating plank – 15 (alternate raising your left leg and right arm while holding a plank, vice versa)
  • weight-less plank rows 
  • beginner push ups 15 
  • complete the circuit 3 times 

I’ll be travelling soon and I’m going to try and pair these workouts with brisk walks/jogs and swimming sessions. But you don’t need to pair these workouts with extra cardio (the circuit training style will increase your heart rate on it’s own)

Have a lovely Summer,










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