Get A Workout Buddy

Greetings, fellow beasts 🙂 

I like to change up my ‘hello’s’ from time to time… Anyways since the 12th of this month me and my workout buddy (Best friend) have been consistently working out, eating well and getting in 100g of protein per day. We’re also attempting to drink a gallon of water per day so you can imagine how many times we need to visit the loo. Being so consistent with my workouts is leaving me feeling sore in new places. Some days I can walk, but I find it hard to brush my teeth because my arms are sore. Other days I can’t even get out of bed. But I love the pain, so i’m not complaining. This is sort of a 37 day challenge for my best friend and I and so far so good! 

On Day 1 I did legs for 30 minutes and kick-boxing for another 30. Day 2 was abs for a good half hour and then I went for a run. Day 3 I couldn’t move an inch so I decided to give my body a break 😛 The rest of the days were filled with lifting for 45 minutes followed by HIIT for at least 20-30 minutes. Usually when I go into these challenges alone I only survive around 4 days before I shamelessly quit. How many times have you seen my post a challenge and then never speak of it again? 
That is why I made my best friend become my workout buddy. We always keep a tab on each other, make sure we’re not getting more than 1 cheat meal and making sure we workout daily. It’s lovely, it’s motivating me and I am pretty sure this is something that could work for everyone. I am sure that we will successfully complete this challenge just like my first ever challenge on the blog (remember the ‘Junk Free Challenge’?) 




  1. Jay Unwin · July 18, 2014

    Always good to have a buddy to keep you on track! Good luck with your challenge 🙂

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