Have I Gained Muscle Or Fat?

Hey guys 🙂

So, I checked my weight yesterday. As most of you know I was sitting on 48kg the whole of last year and some of this year. I now weigh 52kg. I usually never check my weight because it sends me into a panicked state of mind. Yes, I panicked yesterday. I was so worried that I had gained fat, so I took the measuring tapes out. I am still the same inches everywhere except my waist (lost an inch). I also gained an inch on my shoulder. Did I just gain muscle? Hope so. 

I’ll be honest, the reason I had a bad reaction to my weight was because I was wondering what people would think. In my class I have the title ‘the fitness person’ so I assumed that with this weight gain people would doubt the title. Now after sleeping this thought off, I don’t really care what people would think about my weight gain. I feel so much healthier being 52kg. Am I still healthy? Yes. Do my old clothes still fit me? Strangely, yes. I’m pleased with this weight. I feel more nourished. 

I love having this blog to just release all my doubts and fears. It’s my own form of therapy and i’m hopefully helping people who are going through the same things as me. 






  1. Murali Balachandran · July 19, 2014

    full of spelling mistakes. please check the spelling and grammar before pressing the enter button.

    • fitlikepri · July 19, 2014

      I put it under spell and grammar check and there was no error.

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