Hey guys.

This week i’m travelling again (had no idea) which means I won’t be able to lift or have control over my food. I honestly wanted 30 days to myself to just lift and cook healthy meals but now that’s being cut down to 21 days. This is a setback for my challenge but I have to make the best of whatever days are given to me. The reason i’ll end up only having 21 days for my fitness challenge is because after that School starts again which means I can’t spend hours working out and I won’t have much time to prepare meals. 

I need some help. How do I get as shredded as possible in 21 days? If anyone has any advice on how I can use 3-weeks effectively please comment! It would help so much. As of now I was thinking of doing fasted Tabata 6 times a week (AM workout) and then 45 minutes of lifting and 15 minutes of HIIT as my PM workout, 6 times a week. For my ‘diet’ I was going to eat 1600 calories, 120-140g protein, 25g fibre, 160g carbs and 44g fat + 12 glasses of water daily. If there is anything else that I could do that would help, don’t be afraid to comment. 

Always turn a setback into a comeback. 




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