I Didn’t Forget About My Challenge Yet

Hey guys.

No, I didn’t forget about my challenge. Me and my workout buddy are still going strong. When we can’t get weights we do bodyweight workouts (which are strangely more intense than lifting workouts. Must be the plyometrics). For our diet we have completely ditched the ‘eat clean’ mentality. No more being super strict, no more lonely cheat meals that only happen once in a while. We have adopted the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) system. Basically, if the food fits your macros (Your macros are proteins, carbs and fats) you can eat it. It doesn’t matter what it is: ice cream, donuts or lasagna, if it fits into your daily macro allowance, you can eat it. 

To find your macro split go here: http://www.iifym.com 
  I am not stressed about food anymore. I have enough energy to kill my workouts and I can eat out. I’m not saying eating clean is bad, I’m saying everyone should experiment till they find what best suits them. I am still eating healthy and nutritionally dense foods, but with this form of eating I am more flexible with my diet. Oh, did I mention that because of the drop in stress I lost an inch around my tummy?

There isn’t one fixed diet for everyone. Trust me, i’ve been experimenting from the time I learnt the meaning of the word ‘diet’.






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