Steaks, Weights and Protein Shakes.

Hey guys. 

So I bought protein powder. I guess i’m that girl now. I bought it because I am finding it quite hard to get in 140g of protein everyday. Even endless amounts of chicken and eggs won’t suffice. I have been trying out so many new things this week: IIFYM diet (which I am loving, it doesn’t even feel like a diet), protein powder and a new workout split. For the longest time I was doing total body 4 times a week for my lifting. Then I realised that I don’t have the energy to hit every single muscle group effectively during my total body sessions. After I finish legs, I’m too tired to finish my arms and abs sessions. 

Here’s my new workout split:

Day 1 – Back + shoulders 

Day 2 – Glutes + Hamstrings

Day 3 – Full upper body (Chest, bi’s, tri’s, delts)

Day 4 – Quads + Glutes 

Day 5 – rest day 


Today i’m doing full upper body. My hamstrings are dead from yesterday (I did 5 sets of dead lifts, two sets with 15kg and two sets with 25kg) 

Quick question before I leave: do you guys want me to post my daily workouts? I might start doing quick daily blogs to just talk about how I completed my macros and my daily workouts. 



Hehe, just a cheeky picture ^_^ (No disrespect to clean eaters of course, do whatever is best for you. Gosh, only I can turn a joke into something serious.) 





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