Leg Day + Reverse Dieting Starts

Hey guys 🙂 Yesterdays arm session was brilliant. I was in a terrible mood yesterday and I almost decided to not track my macros and skip my workout for the day, but then I put my excuses to rest and picked up the barbell. 

 Yesterdays upper body session (bi’s, tri’s, rear delts) 


Hammer curls 8×3 

Bicep curls with barbell 10×4 

tricep extensions 10×4

tricep dips 10×4 

Reverse flys 10×4

I’m starting my reverse diet by picking up my carbs by 10g every week. I am going to find my sweet spot for carbs (basically the point where I can eat the most carbs while not gaining any inches)

Today i’m training Quads and Glutes which means countless squats. Yay. 

10*4 deep weighted squats 

10*3 weighted backward lunges 

28-method squat (7 normal weighted squats + 7 slow squats + 7 low pulsing squats + 7 high pulsing squats) 

12*3 weighted glute raise

12*3 plié squat with 6kg kettle-bell 

I also checked my body fat and I’m currently sitting on 22%. I see so many fitness enthusiasts who obsess over getting their body fat percentages to 14%, but i’m not that bothered. 22% is in the ‘fitness level’, I like the way I look right now and I’ve learned to not let numbers bother me. Thats right Math, i’m talking to you. 

Stay tuned for a protein pancake recipe either today or tomorrow.

Eat your carbs and lift your weights darlings 





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