Who Remembers their Resolutions?

For those of you who are expecting a protein pancake recipe, I apologise. I tried them out and It tasted so dry and rubbery. I decided that till I perfect the protein pancake none of my readers will get a recipe. You guys deserve much more than rubbery breakfast foods.

Anyways back to what I came here for. Who remembers their resolutions? Mine was:

1. Get ripped 

2. Get arms like Michelle Obama’s (that goal has been conquered through endless bicep curls and exceeding my recommended calorie allowance)

3. Something about school. Not important. Haha, only joking. My resolution was to start taking school seriously. I better start, 10th grade is here in 11 days. 

Out of these, I accomplished one. 

I have 5 months to tackle down the others. And by the term ‘get ripped’ I don’t mean get a six-pack. I just mean get Jillian Michaels abs. 


I can do it, right? Okay I don’t need anyones validation, I can totally do this. 

I am going to tackle this goal with a different approach. This time I’m not going to constrict my carbs or my calories. Right now I’m on a plan where my macro split is 220 carbs/125 protein/40 fat and 1800 calories. The reason i’m doing this a bit differently is because every time I tried to get ‘ripped’ with just 1400 calories and 150 carbs, it never worked. So why would I go down that road again? It only leads to disappointment. With this macro split and my new workout split (Spoke about it in my previous blog post I think) I know I will be getting different results. 

Guys, if you haven’t already beasted (I specialise in making new verbs) your resolutions, you still have 5 months left. 




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