Hey guys 🙂 

I feel like I am finally getting used to increasing my carbs and calories. I was feeling anxious after being surrounded by websites telling me to eat 1200 calories or less. I asked myself “Would this way of eating work? What if everything goes south and I end up gaining fat?”

Well, none of that has happened yet. I think it’s working. My muscles are especially loving all the food it’s getting and I have energy to lift longer and heavier. 

Also felt especially girly today and tried on a dress.

Photo on 08-08-14 at 3.04 PM #2Photo on 08-08-14 at 3.04 PM

Tell me again how lifting weights makes you look like a man? 

I got this dress 4 months ago but I felt so fat in it. Today when I tried it I really liked it. Made some progress, I hope? 

Tomorrow you lovelies will be bombarded with 2 recipes (Protein pancakes and egg white wraps) Okay, I’m not bombarding you with them. But still. 




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