Regaining Motivation

I’m going to be honest with everyone. This past month I lost all motivation when it came to health and fitness. I was getting sort of lazy and wasn’t getting pumped for my workouts anymore. Because of that, I took a break from the world of counting macros and feeding on never-ending supplies of protein.

Now I feel like I’ve lit a fire for fitness once again. A fire that’s fuelled by quotes I found on Pinterest and Tumblr. I mean, where else would I find them? Now when I wake up I am ready to dodge the grenades life throws at me. I’m ready to conquer workouts, hit my macros to the T and achieve my goals. 

Here I present to you an assortment of pictures that inspire and motivate me. 


This is Misty Copeland. She’s a ballerina who was surrounded by discouragement but didn’t let it get to her. Also, look at that muscle definition. 


Emily Blunt from Edge of Tomorrow


I love lifting and I love her abs.  



Haha, I love cheeky endings to my blog posts. 

I am hitting it hard next week with a new macro split (old macro split caused a 1kg weight gain. Whoops) and workout split. Going to stick to it for 4 weeks. 

Going to end with my favourite quote:

Fall seven times, get up eight.




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