Let’s Be Happy

Sometimes we lose sight of the things that make us happy. I do quite regularly, so it’s time to remind myself. 

You know what makes me happy?

Hitting my macros.

Putting my headphones on and just forgetting the world.



I haven’t come close to hitting my macros for 3 days (I’m human and i’m still figuring this diet out) but when I do hit my macros, the way my body reacts to it is beautiful. With just 4 days of getting the ‘diet’ perfect I have lost a kg. So imagine what I can accomplish with hitting my macros for a month straight? We’ll see. The point of this post is to remind you to always keep in touch with the things that make you happy. Whatever it may be. 

Smile for me?



(This picture has nothing to with the post but It makes me giggle cause it’s true) 


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