Till ‘Failure’

Hey guys 🙂 

I have been following Muscle and Fitness on FaceBook and I came across a workout method that i’ll be incorporating into my routine. Working till ‘failure’. For example I my workout plan tells me to do 10 bicep curls, but what if I can still manage 5 more reps? Why wouldn’t I push my limits, right? I feel foolish for lounging in my comfort zone during some of my workouts.

Oh well, time to make some gains.

On another note, I was COMPLETELY off my macros this week. This week was filled with self-doubt and anxiety. Your obstacles are only as big as you make them, and i’ve made my obstacles the size of boulders even Hercules can’t move. But i’ve recovered from it. I’ve made my boulder-sized obstacles into pebbles. I didn’t just snap my fingers and solve the problem though. I sat down and wrote all the things I was feeling. I kept writing till I felt better. Eventually I wrote the truth: for the past 4 months I have been stuck in this harmful cycle. In a week for the first 3 days I will be smashing my workouts and nutrition goals. Then in the middle of the week I feel anxious about something or the other and go completely off track. I start to binge which leads to the self-hate. Then on Sunday I vow that the next week will be different. 
Writing this down was an eye-opener for me. I’m not going to stop smashing workouts after the first 3 days. I’m going to keep smashing them till i’ve quenched my thirst. 

It feels like a breath of fresh air to come out of the rut I was in. To finally accept what i’ve been doing and move on from it. 




One comment

  1. Murali Balachandran · August 30, 2014

    Dear Pri.

    We follow you…but you follow facebook. Should I follow facebook directly?

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