Hey guys 🙂 

Today is Leg Day. I usually write down my workout in the morning and then complete the workout sometime later in the day. Today while I was writing down my leg day routine I decided to try squatting 15kg. Usually I squat with my 5kg barbell or my 5kg dumbbells but today I wanted to break the limit. For ages I would tell myself: I can’t squat 15kg. I can’t even get the barbell on my shoulders!

So I got up and picked up the barbell. I tried getting the barbell on to my shoulders but kept failing. Did I give up though? No. Never give up. Never back down. Always stay hungry for more. I tried one last time and succeeded. I know, here I am talking about my struggles with a 15kg barbell. Doesn’t sound like much. But for me, the second the barbell rested on my shoulders I felt proud. I can squat so much more but the challenging part is getting the weight on my shoulders without any assistance (I’ve don’t like getting help. I should probably work on that) 

Being limitless means nothing can stop you. Nothing can hold you down. 

This post was specially for my good friend Isaac ^_^ 

Have a lovely weekend





  1. isaackurubal · September 8, 2014

    OMG!!! Yay!!! A post dedicated to me!! Lol. Sorry I just read it but yay!!! Thanks saps 🙂

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