Here’s Why The Weighing Scale Is Crap

Let’s face the facts: It’s been 2 weeks since I last wrote. Okay we didn’t have to face the facts, it was just one fact. I’m not going to make the age-old excuse of being busy with school, ’cause it wasn’t that. For 2 weeks I had nothing to write about. With this blog I hate forcing myself to get inspired to write (I like to believe that whatever is forced turns out wrong) so I waited and waiting for something inspiring to happen.

So, did something inspiring happen? No. So what’s this blogpost about? Well, it’s about how stupid I was being for 2 weeks.
Let me elaborate on that. Ever since I started weighing myself, I became obsessed with numbers (that’s not something you’ll hear from a fellow math-hater). I would weigh myself every morning and if I saw a number I didn’t favour, I would eat less that day. I was doing this for a week when finally I realised that If I continued with this behaviour I would develop an eating disorder. Scary.

We have all heard that the weighing scale is not a good way to measure progress and I second that. In other news; I did 60 minutes of HIIT yesterday. I was very proud of myself because I despise all forms of cardio.

Have a good weekend



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