I am a very laid-back, casual person. I hate taking anything seriously and this includes IIFYM. But now I’ve hit a rut and am feeling very sloppy (this is why having a laid-back nature all the time isn’t the best). For the first 4 days of October I went over my macros and I didn’t workout. I would eat when I was bored and found myself saying “I’ll start tomorrow” a lot.

It’s tomorrow.

Tracking macros can be stressful. I am used to having one cheat meal per week from my ‘clean eating’ days, but with IIFYM you’re not allowed to do that. That burger fits your macros? Eat it. It doesn’t? Don’t even think about eating it. I know my problems. I need to work on moderation and I need to stop losing motivation so fast.

It’s October. I’ve made goals and i’m going to slay them. To get results i’ve never had, I need to do things i’ve never done.

This post is very random (I’m just noticing) but also therapeutic. Writing down your stream of thought can really do wonders. This month i’m going to post my workouts for the day, my meals and wether I hit my macros. I need to hold myself accountable.
Next time I think of skipping Leg Day or going off my macros by a 100, i’ll think of you. How I can’t fail myself or my readers.

Very intense, isn’t it?

Happy Saturday,




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