Making Workouts Harder

I’ve been bored with my workouts. After going the heaviest weight possible with my dead-lifts (I can’t go heavier because I ran out of weight plates. Hoping to get more on my birthday!) I’ve been following the same routine and I think i’m ready to struggle a bit more during my sweat-sessions.

Here’s how you can make your workouts harder:

– Incorporate more sets. I’ve been following the standard 8-10 reps, 3 sets but I think i’m ready for 5 sets.

– Partial range reps: Basically you don’t have to do the exercise at the full range of motion. For example, I can do bicep curls with the full range of motion with 5kg dumbbells. If I wanted to go heavier I would have to go with a partial range (not performing the rep at full range of motion, but only half-way). Even though it’s not a ‘full rep’ I can still build more muscle mass since I am going heavier. 

– Concentrated Isomettrics: Pausing at the end of the movement for a few seconds.

– Slowing down during the eccentric phase of the rep. For example: as you lower down your arm while performing a bicep curl, lower the weight slower (maybe for 4-5 seconds)

The harder the workout, the more progress you make and the more fun it is. Okay, not fun but satisfying.

Have a good weekend 🙂



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