It’s Going Good

Here are some updates on carb cycling and my workouts: I’m being very consistent! Carb cycling can get somewhat tiring though. After 3 days of going low-carb your body craves some bread and potatoes so the high-carb day acts as a saviour. Carb cycling really helped me with my October goals (losing 1/2 an inch on my lower abs) but i’ve made some changes to the cycle.

Monday: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders (Low carb) – 75c/35f/100p

Tuesday: Back, Biceps, HIIT (low carb)

Wednesday: Legs, Abs (high carb) 150c/35/100p

Thursday: Chest, triceps, shoulders, HIIT (low carbs)

Friday: Back, Biceps, HIIT (low carb)

Saturday: Legs, abs (high carb)

Sunday: non-tracking day

I’m having a non-tracking day because I don’t want to obsess over macros (trust me, it’ll happen) so i’m giving myself a break for a day.

Have a lovely Sunday,




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