Finish This Year Strong

I swear I am not titling this post as “I’m Back”.

So, I took a break for 10 days. Usually when people take breaks they come back enlightened and inspired. None of those things happened to me though.

While on break I realised my hate for carb cycling (Low carb days make me feel like death) and how eating 50g of carbs will result to a very crappy workout. So now i’m back to eating 150g of carbs and I feel pretty great. What’s next? Oh yes, I realised that there’s 8 weeks left in 2014 and all of us should finish this year strong. I don’t want to find myself writing the same resolutions as this year on New Years Eve just because I didn’t complete them. I have one goal left. Get abs like Jillian Michaels’. Womens-Health-June-cover

I wrote a post about completing my resolutions a few months ago and I am much closer to this physique now than I was then. I know incorporating HIIT and ab workouts back into my regime will get me closer but 80% of the challenge will be consistently hitting my macros. If I don’t look like her by the end of this year I will write an apology letter to my readers. That’s a promise.

Today is Day 1 of the 8 weeks so i’m doing legs and HIIT (I do abs thrice a week and short HIIT workouts 4 times a week).

I’ve also started incorporating drop sets into my workouts and I can honestly say I have never felt so much pain. Here’s an example of a drop set for bicep curls: Take 3 sets of weights (10kg, 5kg and 2.5kg). Make sure the next set of weights are lighter than the previous set. I will perform 8 reps with the 10kg, 10 reps with the 5kg and 12 reps with the 2.5kg, not taking a single break after performing each set. Then I’ll repeat the torture 2 more times. Your arms will feel like falling off but It’s worth it. You can use drop sets for any exercise.

Todays workout:

28 method squat (15kg)

*drop sets* walking lunges (10/6/5← these numbers are the different weights i’ll be using) 10+15+20 (these are the number of reps) 2 rounds 

Bulgarian split squat 10×3

sumo dead-lifts (35kg) 6×3

10 minutes HIIT


Good luck with completing your resolutions 🙂



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