It’s Day 3 of whatever the hell I’m doing.

But before I write about anything, here’s todays motivational picture:


lift those weights, ladies. 

Today I was one of those days where I was super pumped for my workout. Okay, that may be because I had a few sips of Monster (the energy drink) as my pre-workout and some mashed potatoes (Carbs = energy to slay workouts), but still. Today I did 15 minutes of HIIT followed by chest, triceps, shoulders and 15 minutes of abs. I can’t believe I did HIIT today. I must be dreaming.

I’ve been hitting my macros so far and i’ve just been feeling positive lately.

Here’s a random thought that came to me: your goals and dreams are in a knot. In order to accomplish your goals you have to keep tugging at the knot, keep finding new ways to loosen the grip. What loosens the knot finally is persistence. When I was younger I vowed that I would lose the weight and not turn into a case of teenage obesity. I vowed that once I lost the weight I would make a website called Fit Like Pri (Yes, I thought of the name when I was 12) and I would stick to what I was passionate about: fitness. I kept tugging at the knot and now here I am.

Just a thought.




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