My Journey So Far

I realised i’ve never written about how I got into fitness and how I got to where I am now.

Where to begin?

Ah, yes. When I was younger (12 years old, I think) my family pushed me to lose weight. They would attempt to sign me up for tennis classes or push me towards playing more sports but me being me, I shot down every suggestion they made. I hated and still to this day hate sports. But I had to do something to lose the weight. I was fat, sad and felt completely worthless. Then one day my mother bought me a workout DvD. It was Jane Fonda’s 25 minute aerobics workout. I did it every single day 6 times a week till every exercise was imprinted on my brain. Then I bought more cardio DvD’s but I never once changed me diet.

Then when I was around 13 or 14 I came across ‘clean eating.’ It helped me lose a portion of the weight but I didn’t realise the more I ate clean the more I was scared of junk food. I paired this with endless amounts of cardio and some light weight training. I was eating around 1000 calories I think? So yes, I was totally healthy. Barely eating and always on the elliptical, that is what health is all about, right? WRONG. I didn’t notice my mistakes till last summer. That was during my 30 day junk free challenge (My very first blog post) where I lost 4 kg and also lost a healthy relationship with food. The moment someone mentioned eating KFC or brownies I got anxious.

‘Oh no, if I eat KFC i’ll get fat. No KFC for me, just water.’

I carried on the clean eating but I slowly stopped doing so much cardio and started lifting much more. I cancelled my gym membership (The trainers there told women to stick to cardio and light weights. Like I was going to listen to that) and started doing HIIT for 15-20 minutes just 3x a week. But i’ll remind you, I was still clean eating and not consuming enough calories.

Now we come to Summer 14′ where I discovered IIFYM. I started counting macros and stopped fearing junk food. I felt amazing in an instant. Inches dropped, I gained 5kg and got into a healthy weight and I gained my sanity back. I started lifting much heavier and started making gains. I became happy. I also found my passion.

And here I am now, counting macros, merrily lifting and thanking my family for pushing me towards fitness. Without them I would be an obese teenager hating her life.


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