Getting Serious

One thing I never mentioned on my blog when it comes to IIFYM is that I don’t strictly track macros. I don’t have a food scale which means I am not accurately measuring my food intake.

The reason I never got around to buying a food scale was because I wanted to casually test out this diet first. I didn’t want to be the person who keenly buys a food scale and then realises a week later that she hates this way of eating. I have done a very casual version of IIFYM for a few months now, and now I am ready to start strictly tracking. My food scale will come in a week or two and then I can start ‘properly’ tracking.

I’m excited.

In other news, I am still attempting a new PR for squats (20kg). I’m going to eat a big pre-workout and hopefully have a better shot at it. Also, my exams start in 2 days. I am so happy. (That was my attempt of sounding sarcastic through words. Hope it worked)

I am still going to be lifting (Can’t study all the time) so I don’t lose my sanity to books and definitions that i’ll only remember for a week. Sure, I could use a bunch of excuses and stop lifting but you know what’s been motivating me? Jillian Michaels. I watch her yelling at The Biggest Loser contestants and I feel the need to push myself harder.


She isn’t the only thing motivating me, though. I’ve gotten the habit of telling myself to keep grinding, keep pushing, keep lifting even when I’m covered in tears and distress (this is what exams do to you). Merrily lifting along. I got this mindset from the amazing Esther Suzuki (her Instagram account is ‘fightingforfit’). She lifts heavy, counts macros and never stops working. Check her page out 🙂

Keep grinding. 




One comment

  1. caronbot · November 22, 2014

    The food scale is one of the best purchases you could possibly make.

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