The Fitness Industry

Would it be weird if I wished everyone a happy New Year now? it’s okay, I like weird.

I’m eating more than 200g of carbs right now and I’m getting much stronger with my lifts. I was thinking about the days where I would follow the fitness industry’s advice for ‘getting in shape’ and it was ridiculous.

If you’re a girl, the fitness industry will tell you to eat 1200 calories or less, to live on the treadmill and to lift light weights. You are not allowed to eat carbs after 4pm, you’re supposed to drink water to curb your appetite and you are supposed to avoid carbs like the plague. It’s all just salads and grilled chicken for you. For guys, the industry will tell you to eat a truck-load of protein, and again go low-carb and live in the weight room (that doesn’t sound bad, actually). I used to be the girl who followed these rules religiously. Low carbs, don’t eat junk food at all and then when i’m deprived enough just binge for a whole day on Nutella and pizza and carbs. Now here I am eating a huge bowl of pasta confidently. Yeah, I still eat salads but that’s cause vegetables make my skin happy. Now I can eat Nutella without getting scared of gaining weight cause i’ve learned how to eat things in moderation and to never deprive myself. Soon i’ll be eating 270g of carbs and 2000 calories (reverse diet game is going strong) and I can laugh at the ‘old Priyasha’ who used to go to bed hungry because of the fear of going over my calorie limit.

All i’m saying is, sometimes this industry gives ridiculous advice. I am tired of people following this advice. If you want to lose weight you don’t have to deprive yourself and eat as little as 1200 calories. Just be wiser with your choices, get into a healthy caloric deficit and workout. Remember, the perfect body is a healthy one.

A little update before I end this post: i’m getting more comfortable with the 20kg upright row, my bent over row is now 25kg, and my shoulder press has gone to 20kg. I’m waiting for my weight plates so I can increase my dead-lifts. Goals are being conquered and gains are being made. Thank you IIFYM for keeping me sane 🙂


Just leaving you with this picture cause PR’s make us all feel like a Super Saiyan.




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