One Month Down

January is nearly over and I honestly feel like the only progress i’ve made this month is with my deadlift. Lately i’ve been obsessing over having abs and ‘big guns’, I have surely made progress but today is one of those days where I’m not appreciating myself enough. This is the reality of a fitness journey. You’re not going to make amazing progress all the time, it’s not always going to go the way you planned. You’re not always going to look at your reflection and be filled with love and satisfaction. You’ll think your biceps aren’t big enough, abs not defined enoug and hamstrings not prominent enough. But you just suck it up and keep going with the grind, keep lifting and keep tracking macros.

I guess this is just a reality-check for me. Now I just have to lift harder and heavier, keep going with HIIT and ab workouts and keep hitting macros. I’ll get there.

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