So, it’s been a month since I’ve posted. My apologies. I could easily blame this on school and being busy but to be honest I had the hugest block and couldn’t think of any material. But i’m back. I haven’t hit macros regularly in a while, something has thrown me off my game. I am so determined to get back into it today though. I am nearly done with my reverse diet and I honestly can’t wait to start cutting cause I just want a six pack. 

So here’s the plan: Once my macros get to 290C/55F/100P, 1950 calories (Metabolism on point), I will stay on those macros for another month cause I don’t want to leave the gain train just yet. Once mid-April rolls around my best friend and I are going to start out cut. My lowest macros will be around 210-220 carbs (it used to be 150), this looks realistic and i’m ready for washboard abs.

My main source of motivation is Esther Suzuki right now, since we have a similar physique. I mean, look at her. Goals.






  1. Murali Balachandran · March 7, 2015

    Dear Pri, Do you mean to say Esther Suzuki and you have similar physique, like similar six pack abs, similar bulging biceps etc. Let me look again.

    • fitlikepri · March 10, 2015

      I meant we have the same body type. No need to look again 🙂

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