Phase 2: Cutting.

I am done with my reverse diet and I am ready to get leaner. Ready for phase 2: the cut.

This means every week or so i’ll be cutting down 50 cals and 10 carbs, but I won’t go lower than 200 carbs and 1500 calories this time. No more damaging my metabolism. I’ll slowly add cardio back into my routine. The idea of a cut sounds exhausting to me but IIFYM removes the feeling of it being a diet. Hey, as long as I can still have a cupcake now and then, i’m good.

I may be getting too ambitious here, but I want her abs by the end of my cut. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.05.33 pm

I wouldn’t mind having her arms as well but I would probably need to go through a bulk or two before I reach that level.

I’ve been slacking with fitness and tracking so much. It’s not even because of my fast approaching exams, i’m just getting lazy. But it ends here.

Till next time,



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