Nearly Done

By the end of next week, i’ll be done with boards. Finally.

My cut has been consistent for the past 11 days, (it was on/off before that). I can’t weigh myself since the scale broke down (it said I weighed 115kg. What a joke :P). I look a tad bit leaner, but i’m still keen on kicking my own arse every day.
Here’s todays workout:

100 jump squats 

50 burpees 

100 jumping jacks 

50 kettle-bell swings

50 weighted sit ups

50 weighted Russian twists 

Shoulder warm up 

Shoulder press (10kg) 8×3

bent over flies 8×3 (10kg)

big 25 x2 (10kg)

tricep dips 8×3 

Since I started the workout with HIIT, I couldn’t do any heavy lifting today cause I felt like I was going to pass out. I’m still eating a sufficient amount of calories and carbs and i’m still going against most things that the diet industry tells us to do. This is as rebellious as I get.

I’m not going to be cutting for the entirety of summer cause I plan on having days where I don’t bother tracking.

I’m going to get my consistency back with posts as soon as the burden of 10th grade ends.



tricep DB dips 8×3 



  1. Murali Balachandran · May 29, 2015

    Dear Pri, Your scale may not lie…what if you are 115 kg strong muscle built lady…meanwhile don’t consider 10th grade as burden, treat it as WEIGHTS. Happy holidays!

  2. Prajnesh · May 29, 2015

    ^Weirdo alert.

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