We’ve all had that moment during a cut where we feel too fatigued to even check if our abs are making an appearance yet. The fatigue is caused by depleted glycogen and leptin levels which makes you feel tired. When this happens, it’s time for a re-feed. Now, a re-feed is not the same as a cheat day where you mindlessly inhale anything on a fast-food menu. You basically eat till you full-fill your maintenance macros (usually high carb, low fat) so you can replenish glycogen levels. Re-feeds are vital during your cut if you want to keep having effective workouts. It’s not going to ruin your progress, I promise. You might be a bit bloated the next day but it won’t last.

I still haven’t had a re-feed but when I do i’ll be ready to demolish 280C/45F/91P and 1900 calories.

Can’t wait :p




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