New Workout Split

It’s been at least a year since i’ve changed my workout split (or maybe less, I like to exaggerate).

I’m going to be following this new split as soon as I get back to my weights. Now, this isn’t a conventional split. This is going to be more squat and deadlift focussed because I want to focus more on main lifts rather than having accessory work take the spotlight.

Day 1: Squats + conditioning for shoulders and triceps. I’ll be doing 6 sets (reps would depend on the weight. If i’m doing high weight then i’m going lower for the reps). Right now my squat is at 25-27kg due to my lack of a squat rack. That rhyme was an accident, I swear. I’ll be doing either fast paced squats, or slow/deep squats to really feel the burn.

Day 2: conditioning + back and biceps. Conditioning is basically like circuit training.

Day 3: deadlifts. Since this is my heaviest lift, i’m not pairing it with anything else. I’ll be doing 6-8 sets of deadlifts, increasing the weight as the set progresses.

Day 4: total upper body

Day 5: Deadlifts

Day 6: Squats + conditioning.

Then after a rest day (or maybe two rest days), i’ll repeat the cycle. This split is far more intense than my previous one due to the conditioning and leg-intensive work. If I was reverse dieting I would just have 1 conditioning workout per week.

Can’t wait for the quad and hamstring gains.




Day 5L


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