How to beat cravings.

I’ve probably written a post with a similar title a year ago. But I have something different to say this time.

So let’s say you’re craving something that you’ve mentally labeled as ‘bad food’. Pizza, lasagna, cake, bags of chocolate. Whatever it is. You’ve been craving it since you woke up, and now you’re trying to control yourself. You find healthier replacements of the food and you distract yourself and just tell the kid inside you to quiet down cause you really don’t want to give in. What if I told you to just eat what you’re craving?

Go ahead, order the pizza, bake the cake, open up the bag of chocolate. Now, what you don’t do is binge on what you’ve been craving. Eat 2 slices or a small to medium portion of whatever it is, and PLEASE don’t feel guilty about eating it. One of the reasons I promote IIFYM so much is because it’s all about balance and zero restrictions. Eat whatever you please in moderation and if it fits your macros but also remember to eat your salad and oatmeal and everything labeled healthy.

You’re probably craving something right now, aren’t you? Go for it. You have my blessing.



Also, on a side note, I got braces. Which means I do have food restrictions (goodbye, popcorn.) and it gets really tricky hitting my macros sometimes. But I guess it’ll all be worth it when I have nice teeth :p



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