The Cons of Cutting

Guess who can’t dead lift 60kg anymore? This girl. Not being able to lift a past PR would usually get to me, but not this time. I have a new challenge now to get back to that strength (i’m giving myself 25 days to accomplish this).

Having struggles when lifting is a common thing when you cut for a long time, so i’m not surprised. It is annoying, though.

My plan is to keep sticking to 55kg as my max lift, and once I can at least pull for 6 reps at that weight i’m going to try getting back to 60.

Things will constantly try to push you off track. PR’s get lost, people don’t believe in you, you don’t feel motivated to workout. But you keep going anyway.


Cause giving up is never an option, cause soon you’ll have a better PR, and you don’t need people to believe in you. You can do it yourself. Sometimes I lose all my motivation completely. But I put my gloves on anyways, suck it up and just lift. 

Obstacles are placed to test your determination. Don’t fail. 



pumy gloves

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