Taking a mini break

Hey guys 🙂
So it hit me that I had been cutting for around 2 months. I was in a constant caloric deficit for so many days (except a few non-tracking days here and there) and my mind never took a break from macros and mentally planning workouts. So I decided that for the rest of the week i’m not even going to think about IIFYM.

Taking a break is so important to regain motivation and to give yourself a breather. Yesterday I let myself indulge on carrot cake, biryani and chicken lasagna. Everything was completely guilt free of course.

I was frustrated a few days ago about wether I even made any progress on this cut. This is cause I am not as lean as I’d hoped. Do I have a six-pack? No. Am I incredibly shredded now? Haha, negative. Am I okay with it? Now I am. This was my first cut with IIFYM and for a person who has no coaching and no trainer, i’ve done well for myself. I got as lean as I could while also truly enjoying my summer break. I’m just going to slowly lean out and slowly reach my goal while also maintaining a balance. Some days I don’t track. Some days I don’t even bother looking at my barbell. But i’m human, i’m healthy and most importantly i’m happy.

I plan on doing another round of cutting before the year ends and going much harder on myself this time around.



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