We Need a Change

I’m someone who’s obsessed with making an actual difference in the world. Especially changing the goals of the ‘diet industry’. The industry (consisting of websites, magazines and TV shows that promise to help you get your ‘dream body’ in 30 days or less) prioritises making money off of confused people looking to get healthy, instead of actually helping.

How many times have you considered buying a magazine that has the sentence ‘secrets to get slim fast’ written in red? I used to brush through them myself when I didn’t know any better, and I couldn’t help it! The industry aims at people with a sniper, hoping to brainwash them into thinking that avoiding carbs and over-exercising is the only way out. I’m tired of people being misled into a harmful cycle of depriving themselves, and then binging on cake and pizza when they can’t take it anymore.

All i’m saying is, you can eat carbs and still lose weight. You can eat a slice of pizza and not have to feel guilty about it later. You don’t have to spend hours working out. I believe in balance and holding onto your sanity :p Flexible dieting works, trust me.

So next time you hear your friend complaining about his/her impossible diet plan, tell them to take a breath. Being healthy isn’t supposed to be that hard. :p


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