Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Inconsistent posts (I apologise).

Inconsistent moods.

Nothing about this month has been stable. It started out with me over-studying and over-working in general. There were days where i’d forget to eat because I was so consumed with IB work. That lead to a complete disinterest in lifting, tracking, studying. I was so stressed, my mind shut down. All I wanted to do was watch Dexter and play Assassin’s Creed. For more than a week, I let myself be.

I let myself breathe.

I have always dealt with stress and anxiety problems. Stress is something that can drastically spoil your health. We, as working human beings, tend to overlook any issues relating to mental health.

What do you do when you feel a cold or a fever coming along? You call in sick (school, work, any place that shows you’re a responsible member of society). What do you do when you feel particularly sad one day? You’re anxious, stressed, been feeling depressed lately. Do you call in sick? Or do you push the problem aside, let it collect dust on your metaphorical desk.

I let my mental health take the backseat for a long time. I let it collect dust. But now i’m cleaning up my ‘desk’, facing my demons. Making sure you’re physically well and fit isn’t the only important thing. Mental and physical health act as the foundation of your life and your goals. If you notice, when you have a good mental health, you have a stronger head to take on life with. You conquer goals with ease, and you thrive.

I preach balance, and I’m going to open a new chapter in my life. A new chapter in my blog; one that prioritises mental health and fitness together.

Exciting things are coming, because self-improvement is something I pride myself on.

Never stop evolving




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