You’re a fighter.

You wake up with that feeling inside you.

Some days it’s a good feeling and some days you want to go back to sleep. Not cause you’re still sleepy. You just don’t know what to do with that feeling.

That feeling that makes you not want to appreciate the sunshine or the fact that you’re alive. You wake up with it sometimes. You don’t feel like getting up, don’t feel like talking about it. Sometimes you can’t talk about it.

But you’re a fighter.

So you get up anyways. You tell your best friend what’s going on, as best as you can. You finish your workout, you force yourself to smile, you listen to happy music even though your heart calls for Lana Del Rey. You’re a fighter.
This post is for everyone out there going through something. Something that’s diagnosed or something that’s unlabelled.

This post is for the people who are trying every damn day. Trying to be happy, trying to lose weight, trying to get strong. People who are actively helping themselves.

I may not know you, but I believe in you.


Now, let’s talk about fitness. It’s been a while. I’m not as lean as I was a while back, when I was cutting, but my lifts have been getting stronger. I think i’m ready to tackle one of my goals for this year: the 30kg squat(only squatting 30 cause I don’t have a squat rack at home). I’ve been working on my push ups as well, since I can’t do them very well. I remember so clearly being teased for being someone who lifts but can’t do push ups or pull ups. Well hey, i’m working on that as well. Won’t rest till I get push ups down.

Use your setbacks to propel you forward.




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