Tying Loose Ends

I had goals for 2015.
Some of them I accomplished, some I haven’t.

  • I accomplished the 60kg deadlift (for 5 sets of 5)
  • my squat is close to 30kg (stuck at 27kg)
  • I finally started studying this year.

But I still haven’t tackled upper body lifts higher than 20kg, other than the bent over row. I still can’t do push ups.

I’ve been very scattered with fitness since July. my lifts have been inconsistent, my tracking has been very out of place (to a point where i’m ashamed sometimes). I’ve restarted my reverse diet more than 5 times now. I just haven’t been focussed. Fitness got sidelined when IB and bad mental health came into view. I was incredibly distracted and demotivated, and I lost discipline and vigour. And that’s okay. It’s okay because i’m being honest with myself and and you guys. It’s okay because my determination overpowers the struggles of the last 6 months and i’m going to keep going. I’ve learnt from this.

I’m going to stop neglecting a proper warm-up before my lifts. It’s important to work on your mobility before lifts to ensure proper form and to increase your scope for hitting a PR. I’m going to start benching again. But because of alienating the exercise, i’m a complete benching beginner which means i’m going to start with pressing 10kg. I’m also a beginner with pushups, but i’ve actively started working on that.

I’m determined to learn how to balance mental and physical health along with studying. Determined to tie loose ends. I’ll be posting my new lifting program soon along with my goals for 2016. This time it isn’t just about physique and lifts.

Try looking at the big picture.


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