On Mondays, we squat.

Today, I got back into the groove. Had my first lifting session in 2 weeks (I think) and it was…brutal. But felt incredibly good. My squat form was honestly terrible, I could feel my quads and hamstrings tighten up even after a warm-up, but I pushed through 3 sets of 27kg squats (my new program calls for 5 sets of rear-loaded squats and 2 sets of box squats after.)

Even though I don’t feel my strongest and fittest right now, you can bet that I’ll be back in a week or two. Once my muscles get warmed up by consistency I’ll go back to squatting 7 sets.

Speaking of the new program (homemade), here’s my Quad and Glute Workout from it:

Monday: Glutes and Quads

Squat Warm Up:

Kettle-bell squats                     10 x 3 

Squat halos                                 10 x 2

Walking lunges                          20

Working Set:

Rear loaded squats
(2 sets deep squats,                    8 x 5 (27kg)
3 sets pause squats)

Box squats                                    8 x 2 (7kg) 

Dumbbell step ups                      3 x 10 (10kg)

Here’s to hoping my workouts stay brutal, cause I always love a challenge.


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