We have the habit of starting a new year in the hopes that this time, it’ll be perfect. Absolutely flawless. Conquering your resolutions has never been so easy. You’re not going to shed a single tear this year.

But then reality cuts through the thick air of optimism you build around you. You go through really tough days. Things hurt. You cry. You feel defeated.

Maybe you should regroup your army. Prepare yourself for battles, know what you’re equipped with. Aim your sniper and don’t let reality defeat you this time. 

I’ve spent so many years hoping for a fresh start. But the only thing fresh about the next year is the Calendar you buy. Yes, there’s no denying it’s a new year. There are new opportunities  set out for those who are ready to work for them. Make sacrifices for them. But the happiness is never going to be handed to you. Fight, conquer, thrive.

We’re beasts. We’re not going to let reality get the better of us.

2016. It’s going to be a fresh page of the same story. And we’re writing our own happy ending.


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