Let’s get buff?

I’ve been thinking.

I’ve been thinking about my current strength. As proud as I am for building everything I have now from nothing (the strength, the muscle, the physique, the mentality), I am still hungry for more. Which is why i’ve decided to stay on my reverse diet for a long time. Stay on this diet till I hit maintenance macros (290-300carbs/90protein/46 fat/1950calories). I plan on staying with my maintenance macros till I’m satisfied with the amount of muscle i’ve built and the PR’s i’ve hit. If I do cut this year (I might not), the lowest I plan on going is 220c/90p/42f/1700cals.

My cut in 2015 made me lose PR’s because my macros were too low for too long. So yes, this year is not going to be about abs at all. It’s not going to be about fitting into the ‘skinny girl’ norms (it’s never been about that) or being ‘bikini ready’. I just don’t care anymore. I want to build a whole new physique. Whole new level of strength. Turn my deadlift max into a warm up.

I am going slow with my new program. Focussing on my form and making sure i’m hitting all the right muscles. And taking it slow makes me feel like I can actually tackle PR’s that won’t slip away after two weeks this time.

Take it slow and let yourself grow.



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