I’m not a normal 17-year-old.

I don’t sleep in, cause I believe that’s a waste of time. Why dream, when you can physically work towards turning a product of your imagination into something your reality can bask in.

Sometimes, I wake up at 4 AM to fit in a workout. I don’t care if most of the population is asleep, and I don’t care if i’m still tired, I have goals to conquer and absolutely no time to waste.

Things get difficult sometimes. So tough, where i’m left overwhelmed and shaky. But everything I have been through has moulded me. Being fat, academically weak, someone who didn’t have a shred of self-respect. I’m proud of myself, the things i’ve accomplished and the things I know i’ll achieve. I respect myself to the core, and absolutely love myself now.

Find your inner strength. Find the mentality that allows you to pursue everything they thought you couldn’t achieve. I don’t care if you’re 17 or 70. I don’t care if you have an army of supporters or none. This is you. This is your life. You have one shot at this. So don’t conform to what the population thinks you should be doing.

When I was 14, I was minding my own business, lifting my 2kg dumbbells, not listening to the people who told me I was too young for this sport. That I would look buff, as if that’s a bad thing for a woman. Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.09.07 am.png

3 years later, and i’m still not listening to anyone who thinks they can get in my way.

So, find your strength. Find your passion and take ownership of your goals.

Till next time.


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