Right Now? (An array of thoughts)

Right now, I have stopped my reverse diet. In fact, I wasn’t tracking macros (remember those?) for at least 3 months. Yesterday was my first day back on the tracking wagon.

Right now, I am focussing on my lifts, and just making sure I eat more than 220g of carbs, 40g of fat, 80g of protein and 1600 calories. As long as I am eating more than this, I know my muscles will be fuelled enough. I plan on doing a mini-bulk during Summer, followed by a cut. But, that’s a discussion for later.

Right now, I am focussed on my squats. They have been stuck at 28kg for longer than i’d like to admit, and I know exactly where consistency can take me. Consistent training has gotten me to where I am today, and has given me the physique I have today. I had to compromise this consistency for justifiable reasons (regarding my mental health and heavy school workload), but I can feel my eyes locked onto my goals now. Nothing is stopping me. I have been having very good lifts lately, so I thought I’d share how I got my determination back.

We often rely on just motivation to take us from one goal to another. But motivation is fickle, it will help you power through a workout one day, but when the flames die out, you are left feeling like avoiding the gym for at least a week. I’ve been there. Determination is what takes you from one day to the next. Sit down. Take a breath. Think about why you love doing what you do. Change your workout program, learn new lifts (the sky is the limit when it comes to lifts), set tiny goals every week so you know what to focus on. Trust the process and most importantly trust and respect yourself enough to know you will get to where you want to be.

But remember: it’s okay to pause your goals. I paused my goals for months till I was okay again, and I respect myself for making that decision. Life will get in the way, sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up for missing some workouts. That leaves you feeling at war with yourself, when in all honesty, you need to love and be friends with yourself if you want to make it. So, take it one step at a time. And never give up. Even if you’ve been taking a hiatus from working out for a while, trust yourself enough that you will get back.

Trust that your determination will take over your reliance on motivation.

Till next time.



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