Square One of a Different Phase.

Where to begin?

I’m vegan now. I made a lifestyle choice to cut out all animal by-products from my diet two weeks ago, when I realised how crappy I felt eating so much dairy and meat. My skin felt greasy, my energy levels where non-existent, my mood swings were dangerous for the people around me (Haha, apologising to my best friends for what i’ve put them through). I grew accustomed to waking up with nausea, that never seemed to die down. I just didn’t feel good.

Living with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, my body wasn’t appreciating the meat anymore and the hormones that came with it. 2 weeks into this lifestyle change, and I feel great. I got my energy back, I stopped snapping at people every minute and I just feel much better. For those of you who are wondering how i’m going to make muscle gains and hit PR’s on a diet that has been perceived as low in protein and ‘extreme’ by a majority, I will be fine. Protein is protein, and as long as I keep hitting my macros, I will still be inching towards my goals, regardless of where the protein is from (Hello, vegan protein powder). I’m still very inconsistent with my lifts and IIFYM, but i’m accepting that this is simply part of the process. What matters is, i’m never giving up on this. Lifting is and always will be an integral part of my life, and something I love more than anything else. I feel like I can start from scratch. With my lifts, my PR’s, my entire approach to health and fitness in general. Your passion doesn’t have to be moulded into a rigid routine that calls for complete discipline. But now, i’m determined to exceed where I left off with lifting and IIFYM.

Till next time.


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