Decided Influences

I have a habit of constantly asking myself what I want to do after all this is over —

After i’ve graduated High-school, (hopefully) got into my dream College, after I remove the title of ‘school student’ from my mental description of myself. It started off with wanting to be a personal trainer, although that ambition isn’t dead, a lot more has been added to the list of ambitions and career choices. I want to be a certified fitness trainer, an online coach, a therapist and hopefully publish books on mental and physical health and wellness. I doubt the list will stop there.

I follow blogs based on my goals and ambitions, they tend to shape my perception of fitness and how holistic the definition can be.

The blogs I tend to rely on inform me about all aspects of health and fitness such as the different diets and forms of exercise individuals usually rely on in their quest to get healthy. 

From becoming attached and putting the opinions of my favourite bloggers on a pedestal, I’m easily susceptible to being influenced by them. The fact that the advice given by these bloggers differs from what is produced by the fitness industry (this advice is equipped with a materialistic motive, so it can’t be trusted) made me feel like their opinions could be trusted and implemented into my lifestyle.
By constantly familiarising myself with the once-trusted advice produced by the fitness industry, I can differentiate between what advice is trustworthy and what has to be completely avoided.

It’s the difference between genuinely helping a blank-faced client, and giving them advice that only benefits one party (the trainer who receives the money at the end of the day.)  This is what tells me which source I want to utilise and which i’d like to ignore, for the better. 

These blogs influence and inform me mainly because of the people behind them, and the information they decide to provide, regardless of financial returns.

Blogs (and their posts) such as: 



Till next time.



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