Random Rambles – Advertisement’s grip, and more.

  The media, paired with an alliance with advertisement agencies, seem to influence a majority of the population. To say these forces don’t have an effect on me, would be a lie. Without advertisements posing as buffers between tv-show scenes, how would I have known what counted as beautiful and what didn’t?

Advertisement is the non-consensual drug populations are being doped on, somehow leaving us crave whatever the product promises. This allows it to act as a catalyst to make infant businesses popular ones. The effect could be caused by the prevailing exposure we are surrounded by, be it a TV or mobile phone, that leaves us feeling as though we need to consume an ad’s promise in order to feel belonged to society. As social animals, human beings feel the need to belong. We feel the need to conform to what we see on the screen, fit to their definitions and assumptions and what we need and what we must be like. 

If only it were different, and we didn’t fall under the spell of baritone voices persuading us with descriptions of products or narrating movie trailers.

Every individual, myself included, are left feeling as though we don’t have everything we need. Things we want feel like things we need; things we absolutely require in order to survive. We become that dramatic about our craving for exchanging money for whatever is being sold.

If my online shopping-kart isn’t filled with Kylie Jenner’s lip kit, that seems to be everywhere, I will somehow feel constantly dissatisfied in the most subtle and annoying way.

When it comes to myself, i’ve noticed i’m often influenced by the popularity of a product, when I make the decision to buy something. That, and how I personally feel about the product and whether or not it would benefit me in any way, be it in an actual observable way, or it’s just something that makes me smile temporarily.

  The last time I bought something, I was at an Airport in Bangkok, with only twenty minutes to buy something, cause apparently we all had to buy something, and I felt the strongest urge to buy lipstick. Finally, with two minutes left, and no lipstick, I saw the same lipstick my brother’s girlfriend had let me borrow last summer, and I picked it up without the mind to even check the price. Of course, that impulse was fuelled by the fact that I really liked the product, but my sudden urge to buy lipstick is a mystery to me. Maybe it’s as simple as saying it’s ‘cause all the ‘cool kids’ are doing it. Flipping through magazines, pointing at the shade of lipstick a model is wearing, and claiming they somehow need to have it.

  But somehow, I still appreciate all the effects advertisements have on me. They leave crumbs to the gingerbread house that contains what I think will make me happy, and in the end, often does. The sources of my happiness don’t just reside in buying things, there are countless things that make me happy. Anything that’s scary, would be the first thing that pops into my mind. Scary TV-shows, movies, books, music, video games. And of course, where would I be without weightlifting, and having the pleasure of writing about it. I imagine both weightlifting and writing will be a part of my life ten or twenty years from now. Either as hobbies, or professions, paired with a life of studying some form of psychology (either abnormal or criminal), and being able to express myself on a stage, somehow. It all seems random, but it makes me feel like I have a lot to work towards, and that makes me happy. I have a career to work towards, people to hopefully have the pleasure to help, things to study in kinesiology and psychology, and places to travel and still remain semi-introverted in. That, paired with the determination to change the way people perceive feminism, but that’s a whole other discussion.

  This random assortment of thoughts leaves me feeling reminded of the things I am working towards, and passionate about. One thing I remain conflicted over, in terms of passion, and how this passion seems to mingle with pessimism, is how I feel about the way we treat the environment. Of course, I am concerned, but I genuinely feel like we’re all too late when it comes to reversing whatever could’ve been reverse.

Could have.

Anyway, more random rambles in a while. Till next time.


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