Macros Then vs. Now

I was reading my first few blog posts (When I used to do clean-eating) and it scared me. After my first challenge of not eating junk food for 30 days I had come down to 46kg and still wanted to lose more. I had the most pathetic relationship with food. I was living off of cardio and light weights. I was obsessed with the weighing scale. I remember the way I used to be happy whenever my calories came under 1000. Mental.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 5.32.26 pm

Look at those macros. Barely any calories, barely any carbs, pathetic macros for protein.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 5.42.16 pm

(Ignore the numbers in red telling me i’m eating too much, haha)

It’s safe to say i’ve made solid progress. Am I still 46kg? HELL NO. I’m at a healthy 51/52 (weight fluctuates between those two numbers). I don’t even do cardio anymore to be honest. Maybe once in a while, but barely. It’s just lifting. I have changed so much and I am so proud of myself for coming out of the mentality I was in. My physique made the best progress once I got out of the state I was in. I am very happy fitness and physique-wise.

In other news, shoulder presses are very hard. I still can’t do a proper military press with 20kg without adding a bounce (push press), but i’m working on it. My PR for squats, shoulder press and upright row are stuck at the moment and the only way I can keep going higher with lifts is if I just keep working on it. No excuses, keep going with the grind. I was trying for a new squat and press PR a few days ago but I couldn’t land it. It’s okay though, i’ll get there eventually.


Women like this motivate the hell out of me. (Lauren Fisher)

Stay focused

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