Carb Cycling

I’ve been sick. Which means listening to my mothers commands to stay away from workouts and calculating macros.

Anyways, i’m better now and i’m ready to slay October. My September goals (I never posted them) was to lose half a kg and half an inch on my lower belly. Mission accomplished. Now what? Carb cycling. That’s my current mission. Carb cycling is brilliant for fat loss and muscle gain. That sounds like a killer combination to me.

Here’s carb cycling in a nut shell:

In  a week you will have high-carb days, medium-carb days and low-carb days. Typically when you train legs or other big muscles you go high-carb. When you train a moderate sized muscle group you go low carb and when you don’t train anything, just train arms or are just doing cardio you go low-carb. Since your macros need to be balanced, when you go high-carb, naturally you will go low fat so your macro ratio is balanced. When you go low carb your fats get increased. You get where i’m going with this, I hope? Also your calories will remain the same. Ah, I hope i’ve covered the basics to this.

Here’s how you find what your macros would look like for the different days:

  • High carb days: 2-2.5g carbs per pound of body weight. 1g of protein per pound and 0-0.15g fat per pound
  • Moderate-carb days: 1.5g carbs per pound, 1-1.2g protein per pound, .2g fat per pound
  • Low-carb days: .5g carbs per pound, 1.5g protein per pound, .35g fat per pound

I’ll be going low-carb 4 times a week (some carb cycles offer no-carb days but i’m not that desperate to look, um, chiseled), high-carb once a week and moderate-carb twice week.

Let’s see how this goes 🙂



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